Male Harpreet




Sache rab naal ishk kare koi koi
Shohrat naal ishk har koi karda h
Sawle rang nu pasand kare koi koi
gore rang te har koi marda h
oh duniya naal nhi mildi pasand sadi
asi wakhra pasand kuch karde ha
eh rang rup sub rab diya datta ne
asi te saf dil te mithe bola te marde ha

Nikke nikke chah ne sade
Nikke nikke sapune lende ha
Nikke ji h duniya sadi,
Usi wich kush rehnde ha
Has k koi bula lenda ta
usde utte sab kuch har de ha
bandiya wich rub de darshan
aksar hi assi karde ha....??

Evry heart has pain....only d way of expression is different..sum hide it in their eyes...while others hide it in their smile.

""' if u c sum 1 without a smile gv him 1of urs becoz ,u r among a few gud people who cn shine others lives just by walking with them a few miles....

these r few important facts that i had learned by living my live till today................?/

i had applied a very simplest strategy in my life life so well that even death loves to c u alive....!!!!!!!!!!!
I m a self made person ?????hving a strong faith in almighty!!!!!!!!without whose blessings i would hv been STANDING NOWHERE

Sabhi ko sabh kuch nahi milta,
Nadi ki har lehar ko sahil nahi milta,
Yeh dil walon ki dunia hai dost,
Kisi se dil nahi milta to koi dil se nahi milta

i had made my own ways to live my life ? .i know that when i laugh so hard sorrows smiles at me nd when i fight harder even fate accepts its defeat.......
......preparing myself day by day to be a respectful citizen,,,,,,,,,,,nd thank god i m on my way ..........

my past full of pains nd sufferings.,,,,
faced huge losses in life but gained something frm every downfall becozz i believe that "DIFFICULTIES TAUGHT ME THAT LESSONS WHICH WILL B HELPFUL TO ME THROUGH OUT MY LIFE" Lets come to the climax>>>>>>>>.....

Zindagi Badi Ajib Hoti Hai,,
Kabhi Haar To Kabhi Jeet Hoti Hai,,,
Tamanna Rakho Samandar Ki Gehraai Chhune Ki,,
Kinaaro Pe To Bas Zindagi Ki Shuruwaat Hoti Hai.........

i cares very less about what others will say but i believe in WHAT I M DOING TODAY????
I had faced the realistic life in my childhood ?? i 'll b very thankful 2 the god that he has taken me to the midway of my destiny very soon.....................

Jo hamri bidh hoti mere satgura sa bidh tum har janho ape ll
Hum rulte firte koi baat na puchta gur satgur sang kire hum thape ll


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