Male Flamino

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam




Đơn giản và lạc quan .
It's me ;)

Rất thú vị và ko độc hại , thân thiện với môi trường ;)

Work and Education:

  • Caravelle Hotel · Student Internship · Jul 2010 to Oct 2010 · This was my first step in hospitality environment.It was tough at the beginning because everything was strange to me , I could see the differences between theory and practial work obviously.However, I learnt a lot from this period.To me , Caravelle is one of the leading 5-star hotels on the world ( Top 20 best hotels ).I really like the working atmosphere there: professional and friendly.I am so proud of this first experience.
  • Đại học ngoại ngữ tin học TPHCM ( HUFLIT) · Class of 2011
  • Gia Định High School · Class of 2007
  • Trường THPT Gia Định
  • Vietnam Marcom

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