Female Mocco Macca

Hanoi, Vietnam




Always been lost!
CONSERVATIVE & TRADITIONAL (>< liberal & artistic)
- Dislike needless complexity, and prefer the familiar over the unusual
- Might be conservative and value practical outcomes over flighty imagination.
WELL ORGANIZED (>< spontaneous & flexible)
- Avoid foreseeable trouble through purposefully planning and achieve success through persistence. Appear to be reliable and prepared for the challenges of life.
SHY & RESERVED (>< outgoing & active)
- Enjoy social occasions, but mostly w/close friends, and otherwise it’d be said that they are not all-important. Sometimes it is nice to step back for a while and have a quiet night in.
CALM & RELAXED (>< stressed)
- Seems to be calm & emotionally stable; come across to others as someone also is rarely bothered by things, and when they do get u down the feeling does persist for very long.
ASSERTIVE & COMPETITIVE (>< warm, trusting, cooperative)
- Often find it difficult to get along w/others when they 1st meet, as they can be suspicious of their motives. Over time though people warm to you and you to them, although that does not stop you telling them “how it is”. You are probably more competitive than others.

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