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Hell lowl ~ LOLz I'm a kc mc or Crazy Mc :: I'm a crazy hyper hillarious chic but quite and some says i look fierce, intimidating and boring coz i dont like smiling much and often has straight face :/ i know it sucks i should smile more and i am :D atm. haha u might dislike me when the 1st time we speak coz of the looks and my behavior(s) or u might do but im kinda a weird person *O* for those who dont like or hate me leave me alone and i dont give a shit about that ^,^
Btw,,I love my messy hair

I'm so bored, Baby plz drag me to Tumblr <3 AHAHA Yaah I luv it!
I've posted variety of cool photos on it and if u like fashion, music, cute stuffs or/and fact quotes for teens
Follow me onTumblr ::

## I will absolutely love you a lot if you tell me you listen to Punk Rock and do rap. haha :P <3

Come make some convos with mehh ! >.<

Anyway anyway, I have a little obsesion w/ ZOMBIEEEE hehe =[]=*
and addicted to PARAMOREEEE!! <3

This facebook is FULL of ARTs XD

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  • Tumblr · Blogger & Reblogger · Bangkok, Thailand · present to present · I do blog and reblog stuffs on Tumblr, for instant; fashion, music, truth qoutes, love and all cute stuffs and art. I bet you will like 'em and plz check out my tumblr :: and I'm following all type of blogs back
  • Unschooled
  • Rock and Roll High

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