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Furniture design began.Sofa, interior furniture will vary depending on how you display the first thought that the overall structure of the house, if the design and development of practical design, depending on the purpose.
It is very important to have a realistic competitive price, but the production of the plant, there are differences too. It is very much to the conversation.
Review is based on the consumers and buyers as
All with successful results that is important.
I have business connection is the most important agent is in the region of Asia, with good results. Distances of country buyer or connection to the first design consultation to discuss the market that match., And it can start our deal for the manufacture of the transaction sequence.Consumer market research and development and design of showrooms, Hawaii, Hong Kong, our office directly target the products of the reaction analysis.
China a variety of designs from the factory, how trading and manufacturing management could be valuable.
Please contact me mobile phone +82 10 8942 0635 +82 10 4603 2503 (my secretary Miss Ahn) Email @ reviewing several kinds. import and export counseling.

Work and Education:

  • Dragon Dynasty · Seoul, Korea · Nov 1988 to present · Designers, display for home furnishings and furniture, agency business.
  • HAAF CO.,LTD Hong Kong · CEO & Founder · Kowloon, Hong Kong · present to present · International bidding, contracts, ageny business.Furniture,Homefurnishings,Design dvelopment, Factory connecting, Export business
  • Maximsofa Furniture Manager
  • Beyaz Banyo Mutfak Tic.Ltd Şti
  • Daesung industrial co.,Ltd · Manager · Seoul, Korea · present to present · Export and Import business about Homefurnishings
  • Gold crown Corp.Korea. CEO 1986-2002 · Chief Executive Officer · present to present · Military Business
  • Rader Electric

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