Male Rainer

Frankfurt, Germany




Hi, I am Rainer from Germany. I always loved backpacking and exploring different cultures and meeting new people from all over the world. Maybe that's why I ended up in an international company, spending more time abroad than at home. Unfortunately, many business travellers do not make much out of such opportunities. In fact, during real holidays its much easier ;-)
My top three are beaches of Thailand, summer cottage with sauna in Finland and anything in Japan!! Especially Onsen, Sashimi, Sumo, Asahi, Kojimachi, anything kawai, Ramen, puristic design, J-League, Rilakuma, Miyako-jima, Ryokan, Namie Amuro, Muji, Maguro, Kagoshima, Yurakucho Line and ... well, I wouldn't mind too add some more things. Hope to meet you guys in July!

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