Female Emz

Manila, Philippines




..",lifE gOes oN....

..>i am ?? yEars of agE
..>i am a higH schOol grAduatE
..>i am cErtifiEd athLetE
..>i am playEr of tablE tEnnis
..>i have 2 sistErs and 1 brothEr
..>i hatE pEoplE evErytimE
thEy liE to mE

..”, I aM veRy optimiStic pErsOn.
I dOn’t cArE oN whAt others
mAy thiNk abOut mE, hEy aS lOng aS
I’m hAving fUn
(miNd ur oWn bUsinEsS hahA)
I likE 2 jOwk abOut myself aLl thE timE
(nObOdy’s pErfEct dAt mEans it iNcludEs mE).
I hAve a grEat friEnds, sO bAsicAlly
I dOn’t hAve 2 wOrRy
abOut whole “lEft oUt” isSue.
mY greAtest streNgth iS d ability
2 tAke u aNd uR friEnds dOwN
hahAha. nA jUst kiddiNg.
I cAn lAugh aT mY oWn prOblem
aNd iT cAn’t bUg d hElL oUt oF mE.
oNly fEw pEopLe cAn dO this
(I knOw rigHt) thAt’s wHy I cOnsidEr
mysElf gifted bElievE mE hehE.
I hAd mY oWn wOrLd, aNd u cAn
eithEr jOiN w/ mE oR piSs ofF.!!

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