Female Alyssa Audrey

Manila, Philippines




You can call me Drei since that's how my college friends call me but at home, call me Alyssa (Al-ee-suh). Basically, i consider myself weird. Yes, i love stuffs normal teenagers like me would adore. I get addicted to One Direction, Maroon 5, Simple Plan and believe it or not but I still love Spongebob, Kimpossible, and the Powerpuffs's hahaah back to the "weird" me thing. I'm weird because I always go beyond what others of my age do and i am a martyr of pushing myself to the limit where in stupid easy go lucky dumb heads around wont even dare to try. I live so serious nowadays just to justify my parents that i'm not who they think i am. I accept the fact that people may underestimate me and just kept on comparing me to i dont care who's. I am determined to prove one thing in life. That is to achieve great things people around me didnt imagine i can have. :) I'm also tired to carry up yokes of other people. dare be my friend? then know how to stand on your feet and be responsible but not overkill okay.

Work and Education:

  • Oakwood Asia Pacific · Fitness Center Receptionist · Manila, Philippines · present to present · Internship
  • Lan-Sei Water Resort · Front Desk · present to present
  • Massachussets Institute of Technology (USA) · Class of 2013
  • Wesleyan University-Philippines
  • Mary Help Of Christians School Inc.(Cebu)
  • Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College
  • Asian School of Hospitality Arts

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