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“Tourists don’t know where they’ve been, travelers don’t know where they’re going.” – Paul Theroux

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What happens after I went looking for something I'm not even sure what?

Where did I end up making every step without direction?

What answers I got after asking so many questions?

When did I figure out that everything I was looking is with me all along?

What did I do wrong to lost me?

What have I done to blind myself with the bright lights in front of me?

What stopped me to allow myself be happy?

And what have happened that I now came to find all I see?

All along, it was all with me,

All of it were just covered with longing for something more,

Even sought for impossible that would never come if you chase it,

The hard work wasn't really supposed to be hard at all.

You might think it was all wasted time and effort,

But it was really a phase to figure out where I fell short,

I realize now that we are all free, I was just not ready to be,

And looking for ways to be truly happy then seems so complicated,

But when you found the switch, everything just seems like a big joke.

A joke that did not piss me off, but rather made me laugh,

I laughed hard because of the tears I shed looking for all the answers,

Answers that finally set me free and made me truly happy;

Laugh it off, I laughed how everything was so hard when its really not,

And now I continue to enjoy all the next steps of my walkabout.

-Lyndsay Cabildo



Work and Education:

  • Discount Travel Blogger · Travel Blogger · Sep 2008 to present · Discount Travel Blogger is a travel blog that encourages young travelers and newbies to start exploring the world. Breaking the stereotype that traveling needs a lot of money, I travel backpacker style exploring and going places on the cheapest way possible, doing as much as possible during the trip (including a little extreme adventures). Tips and updates on places I have been can be read on this blog.
  • TravelClick · Technical Support Executive · Jan 2011 to Jun 2012
  • La Consolacion College Manila

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