Male Jay

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia




A Little About Me ...
Personal background and interests:
My name is Jagen, well known as Jay. An electrical engineer by training, my early career revolved around ‘instruments’. Then slipped into the Oil and Gas. I explored various digression: technical – the know how guy, negotiation, customer management, manoeuvring operations, organisational improvement and revenue generation. As years went by, I have grown into a business professional. Highly energized, blazing to succeed and aspired to make a difference. Extremely savvy with anything mechanical, technical puzzles boost my adrenaline, have to get my hands on and diagnose it myself. Oh yeah – I’m also inquisitive in grasping how things work, particularly minds of people.

Cool Experiences:
I love travelling, creating new acquaintances and learning. Simply put, ‘experiential learning’ - learning from experience. I’ve spent quarter my lifetime travelling abroad. Although living in the United States was the finest years, yet there’s no place like home. I’ve toured around Asia, seen the downtrodden poverty, the primitive life people led yet satisfying and amusing. Indulged with lavishness in the Eastern Kingdom but infuriated with the discriminating society. Well, the coolest thing thus far, challenges are what make my life interesting; overcoming them is what makes my life meaningful. As the great saying goes “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail

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