Male Naoki

Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan



Language: 日本語

<Why I am on this website>
"Become to be an Earth person instead of just Japanese".
This is why I am here.

You can check my real life from following URL.

<About my Interest>

I like eating.
Ramen,Cake and coffee,Sushi,Yakitori,Okonomiyaki,blablabla...
One hand,I hope to try to eat something I have never eat.
Another hand, I can guide you what place we can eat tasty meal I love in Japan.

I also like music.
I had played piano till I was 20 years old (actually,it's too bad lol).So, as first I like Classic musics.
Since 18, I love Jazz, particular "Bill Evans" and "Miles Davis" and more...
Since 27, I like Dance music by be affecting from Couch Surfers.

I like moving body and cooking in nature.
So, at least, I do camping and walking in nature per a year.
I had lived out side of Tokyo,the city near by sea and mountain.
This experience made me love nature, I think.
I love sea and mountain, river, sky.

I have interest for how can I help other peoples by volunteer or business. So, I hate just business.
If I can live by helping people and enjoy above things, It's great .If you know the way of living, please let me know.

Work and Education:

  • 日本ユニシス · Jan 2010 to present
  • 筑波大学 · Class of 2010
  • 静岡大学 · Class of 2008

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