Male Jamer

New Delhi, India




Hi! I am friendly but shy, cool but responsible, crazy but balanced, complicated but straightforward guy who is looking for friendship! You can call me Jay. I am currently looking for some close friends. A little about myself…well I enjoy having a my headphones in my ear listening to some romatic or some r&b while I am walking around looking for things to capture with my camera. I like to capture more landscape photos then people.I enjoy going out to the park,movies,restrants,plays . I also enjoy staying in and cuddling up to my pillow n watching a movie. I do enjoy playing blues, swimming, surfing and contact sports . I enjoy shopping for anything but mainly handicraft and electronics. I can not sleep without a fan. I love to eat italian and thai food and salads. I enjoy watching comedy,drama and scifi movies. I do not enjoy reading at all and the only book i have found that I really like is Carl Segan's contact. I love playing my guitar n exploring new places. Write if u feel v have any common interests!

Work and Education:

  • Konica Minolta

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