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Language: Hindi, English

AL-KAIF HERBAL CLINIC is established by Dr. Syed S. Anisuddin for treating all kinds of PHYSICAL PROBLEMS.

Work and Education:

  • AL-KAIF HERBAL CLINIC · Founder & Chief Physician · Krishnagiri · present to present · 200 Years of Hereditary Practice in UNANI and AYURVEDA system of medicines in India. The Unani and Ayurvedic System of Medicines have been continuously practiced by generations of our family starting from 18th Century in India. HAKIM SYED ABDUR RAHMAN BAGHDADI (18th Century) My great grand father HAKIM SYED ABDUR RAHMAN BAGHDADI born in the early 18th century was an Eminent Unani Physician and he was the Minister and Chief Consultant Physician of Sultan Ibrahim ADIL SHAH II, the ruler of Bijapur, Karnataka, India. HAKIM SYED MOHIDDIN (1815 - 1875) He was one the youngest son of my great grand father Hakim Syed Abdur Rahman Baghdadi was a great Unani Physician and excelled in his life in Unani medical practice. HAKIM SYED ABDUL WAHAB (1853 – 1945) The first formal clinic was started in KRISHNAGIRI in the year 1931 at Wahab Nagar by Hakim Syed Abdul Wahab known as Pension Nayak. He was the youngest son of my great grand father Hakim Syed Mohiddin and was the first Ch

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