Male Nicholas



Language: English, 中文, Bahasa Malaysia

A boy with an unbelievable hairdo...
Loves any Japanese related things.
Into Korean stuff too.
Heavy on CDs invesment.

Want to know about me?
name: nicholas, but you can call me "nicnic"; aka voodoo, approach or si^_^
birthdate: august, 6
gender: male
ethnicity: chinese
location: ipoh, perak, malaysia
education: graduate with london metropolitan university
degree: bachelor of science (hons) in computing & information systems
marital status: married

singers (japanese): misia, do as infinity, aikawa nanase, m-flo, the brilliant green, shiina ringo,utada hikaru, sakura, aiko, heartsdales, crystal kay, double
singers (korean): tasha, s.e.s, gumi, as one, flytothesky, j, u;nee, swi.t
music: r & b, jpop, kpop, cpop, hip-hop, jrock, krock
actors: samuel l. jackson, wesley snipes, denzel washington, morgan freeman, tom hanks
football teams: arsenal, holland
foods: japanese, asian
dishes: sushi/sashimi, ramen, unagi kabayaki, dim sum, curry
candy: chocolates, mint, everything
ice cream: strawberry, chocolate, yam, rum & raisins, those with brandy
drinks: coffees, almond tea, alcohols (champagne)
places to eat: comfortable & cozy places, other buffet and sushi places
clothes: comfortable, sporty casual, street wear
holiday: christmas, chinese new year

Who I Want to Meet:
Any girls that are CUTE!

Work and Education:

  • EBI (M) Sdn Bhd · ERP Apprentice · Setapak · Jun 2007 to present
  • SMK Seri Putera,Ipoh
  • Informatics Ipoh
  • Informatics Ipoh / London Metropolitan University

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