Male Bessie

Flushing, New York




There's an end to everything
A dead end to all good and evil..
One cannot live without the other.
One cannot persist while the other remains.

Never had a sweet sixteen.
Didn't bother having a "debut" celebration for 18th.
Rarely have a recollection of celebrating October and glad to have and keep it that way.

We all live just to die, What the fuck is there to celebrate about being one year closer to death? Tell me, should your lives be any greater or more significant than the ones suffering in the other side of the world, the forgotten heroes in our history or the brave soldiers that will fight and are fighting for you and your protection
such that while these people have done well,
you have the nerve to acknowledge your existence for false flattery? Fucking bullshit.

Unless you've done something to prove yourself worthy,
should you actually cheer.

Just simply thinking.

Work and Education:

  • Francis Lewis High School · Class of 2012
  • University of San Jose Recoletos · Class of 2004

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