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► About Me
-Well, I'm easy going, but at the same time I like to plan everything down to the little details. I would say I'm an emotionally driven person (what woman isn't, right?), but I love reading academic research or studies. When I put makeup on and start to dress up nicely, Thais say "You look a like ladyboy", Western people say "You look like some hot latina lady". But I think I'm just being myself, being different from modern Thai values, not trying to get paler, thinner, etc., which makes me look like a more muscular type of person to them. Well, I only can please myself, right? That's more or less me. Tell me how I am when we meet up ;)

► My Hobbies
- Apart from cooking, I read, exercise, take photos, travel and participating in the local language exchange community.

► Favorite Quotes
-"It takes nothing to join the crowd. It takes everything to stand alone." Cr.Hans F Hansen

► My best travel experience
- It's quite difficult to pick only one traveling experience because I've got enough to fill a book. However, my best travel experience(s) was/were when I traveled with my best friends. No matter where I go, whatever I experience, whatever happens, it turns out great if we are together.

Offering Activities

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