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Mae Sai - Tachilek Myanmar

Mae Sai - Tachilek Myanmar แม่สาย ท่าขี้เหล็ก พม่า, Mae Sai - Tachileik緬甸, 매 사이 - 타 칠레 이크 미얀마, メーサイ - タチレクミャンマー, Мае Саи - Тачилейк Мьянма

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Visitors to North Thailand and expats who are semi-resident, and who wish to stay longer than the current period of their multiple-entry visa allows, often make use of an interesting opportunity that involves travelling to the town of Mae Sai, which sits on the Thai side of the border with Burma, (or Myanmar, to give it its official name). From there, they cross the border via the Thai and Myanmar Border Control posts for a day trip (or longer - up to 14 days if they like) to the adjoining Burmese town of Tachileik (or Tachilek), before returning to Mae Sai later in the day.
Unfortunately, those on a single-entry visa can no longer make use of this crossing to re-enter on Thailand's 'Visa Waiver Scheme'. See details below.
Mae Sai
Mae Sai's main claim to fame is that it's the most northerly point in Thailand. It's not noted for its tourist attractions, and most Thais and foreigners who come here do so in order to cross over to Burma.
There are some fairly cheap, standard quality hotels, such as Top North hotel which is on the same road as the border crossing, literally a couple of minutes walk from the large blue-roofed immigration building that you must pass through if crossing to Burma. A few more upmarket hotels can be found behind the main road still within walking distance of the Border Control.
Although, the town isn't particularly interesting, the surrounding countryside is picturesque and could be worth exploring if you have time. Just make sure you don't stray into Burma illegally.
In the town and also within walking distance from the Thai border control, Doi Wao Temple is worth a visit. It's high on a hill. You can climb the countless stairs to the temple. The temple is interesting and so are the views towards Mae Sai and beyond, or in the opposite direction to the town of Tachilek and the Burmese hills, dotted with temples.
Many people do this trip as a 'visa run' from Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai in a single day.
Crossing the Border
Crossing the border is simple. Follow the signs at the immigration checkpoint and present your passport to get stamped out of Thailand. Don't forget to fill out the Thai departure card which is stapled inside your passport.
Then walk across the bridge that crosses the River Sai and pass through the entrance with the sign "The Republic of the Union of Myanmar" - the official name for Burma.
Again following the signs, present your passport to the Myanmar Immigration officers, who will charge 500 baht for an entry permit valid for 14 days. On payment of the required fee, the Myanmar immigration officer then issues a pass but hangs on to your passport until your return. Leave the immigration office and you're in the Burmese town of Tachileik. Whether you stay for 1 day or 14, you can't visit any other part of Myanmar apart from Tachileik and Kengtung Districts. To visit other parts of Myanmar requires a visa obtained beforehand.

Tachileik, Burma (Myanmar)
The town of Tachileik (or Tachilek) is in an area of Eastern Burma known as the Shan State. The first thing to grab your attention are the hordes of friendly, but high pressure, tour guides and sellers offering extremely cheap counterfeit goods ranging from Marlboro to Viagra, of varying quality and safety. They have a good understanding of English apart from the word NO. If you do buy anything, be mindful of Thailand's Customs regulations when returning. Checks are rare but they can confiscate any counterfeit goods if they have a mind to, and certain drugs (e.g., diazepam) are illegal in Thailand without a prescription (even though it's available 'under the counter' at certain Thai pharmacies).
Thai currency is accepted everywhere. There's no need to bother with currency exchange.
There are some interesting temples you can visit while you're there. Shwe Dagon Pagoda is on a hillside, within walking distance (although it's quite a steep hill to climb), and affords good views across Tachileik and the Burmese hills on one side and Mae Sai on the other.

-Start the trip at the appointment point.
-Arrival At Mae Sai - Tachilek Myanmar.
-Get You Back To The Meeting Point.
-The total trip time is about 10 hours.

Everyday (Full day)

Meeting Point:
Hotel Or Meeting Point Around The City

Price Includes:
Private Transportation

Price Doesn't Include:
Expend, Food & Drink, Ticket, Fee


: US$165 / Person
: Chiang Mai, Thailand
: 10 hours

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