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The Giant Tree House Chiang Mai

The Giant Tree House Chiang Mai เดอะ ไจแอนท์ เชียงใหม่, 巨人樹屋清邁, 자이언트 트리 하우스 치앙마이, ジャイアントツリーハウスチェンマイ, La casa del árbol gigante Chiang Mai, Дом Гигантского дерев

Map-pin-grey Chiang Mai, Thailand

About Activity


The Giant Tree House
The Giant homestay and coffee shop has been slowly popping up in photos all over Facebook. A giant tree house that serves coffee with a jungle view? A rope bridge that needs to be crossed to get there? Appointments that need to be booked just to have coffee there? This place seemed too surreal and beautiful to be true….
Such a cool place for a day trip! Fresh air, mountain views and such a unique setting (try finding a coffee shop like this anywhere else in the world!). There is a variety of teas, coco, soft drinks and even beer. There are no lunch dishes but there are lots of savoury snacks and mini pizzas keep hunger at bay.

-Start the trip at the appointment point.
-Arrival At The Giant Tree House.
-Get You Back To The Meeting Point.
-The total trip time is about 4 hours.

Everyday (Half day)

Meeting Point:
Hotel Or Meeting Point Around The City

Price Includes:
Private Transportation

Price Doesn't Include:
Expend, Food & Drink, Ticket, Fee


: US$92 / Person
: Chiang Mai, Thailand
: 4 hours

Ask to Salingkhan

About LocalHost

► About Me
-I work as local tour guide at my own company Inspire Nung Tour And Transport is a Tour and Transport service based corporate in Chiang Mai. We have more than 50 programs of the tour from Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Lamphun, Lampang, Mae Hong Son, and around north of Thailand as your customized.

PS. All The Price Show Are Cost Per Trip, Not Per Person. (Maximum 1-4 Persons. Additional Cost 20% Fee Charge Per Person)

► My Hobbies
- My city has a distinctive culture, full of art and true eastern life. Our culture is very famous as the city of creative arts and folk art of UNESCO, which was announced on October 31, 2017. We have 1,314 temples and are 6,250 monks in Chiang Mai. We have natural attractions and wildlife, including many interesting attractions. An local culture is another interesting thing, we have a number of tourist attractions and a lot of handicrafts place. Another name must be foods that are spectacular.

► My best travel experience
-My great trip is calm. I do not like sharing tours because everything is busy and not private. So I designed my tour private that all visitors can absorb the beauty of sight and mind. I do not like talking much LOL. I know that most every tourist is studied the places that they are interested in before coming. Some people believe more books than the tour guide LOL. So I like to give you the basics and let you meet with your own eyes.

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