Female Malinee

Bangkok, Thailand




I play guitar . I've had a lot of tough times and a lot of heartbreak . My guitar has always been wht I go to when I'm down . I hve an old acoustic that I love

I don't give a crap.. what anyone thinks about me, so, if your some kinda kid who jumps to conclusions about people without talking to them...please go to hell. . I like to hang out with friends I like to drink coke ..hate to drink water prefer something testy.. good with cooking..even hate shopping but I like to have many shoe shirt skirt ....that briefly about me. I know I'm weird. And I don't care...if u can handle all up there..u can read and learn more about me........ other side of me.

You will never know someone from black and white text .there is no personality , no inflection , no grin and body language . I'm a sociable girl , so I'm not interested in a pen-pal . If you would like to hang out with me , just say " hi " , that's how conversation start . If I think you' re interesting I will respond , but I'd rather just hang out and meet someone new for five minutes and have a coffees or drink and a real conversation , than sit on this site

U think same me ?? :-)

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