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Born in Tripoli Libya in 1947. My father and mother born respectively in Tunis and Sicily. My mother soon relocated in Tunis when she was a very young. They were the colonial's effect of the Italian politic in North Africa.
My 18 years of life in Tripoli make me have a good knowledge on different cultures, languages, religions and have good understanding about how the world is big and how the peoples can have very different ways to think.
My way to school was straight and easy for my firs 5 years in the private catholic school, but then I never had great results. My calligraphy was famous to be the worst the teachers have never seen. I hated the school and any things connected to. Passionate to study from my self on book robed to my older sister I hated to learn on command. When I finished to study and I had (with the help of luck ) my diploma I told myself to never be back in any instruction institutes no more. But after some years i was back to study by my self. Then I tried to be back to the University of Rome to have a bachelor on physic. Only few months was enough to let me think that University was not my way to have the answers i wanted to have, so I leaved it.
As ITC consultant with a long experience of 30 years I worked in the main Italian companies from IBM to Telecom Italia and Banca Intesa. Actually in Bangkok, Thailand I am the Managing Director of the marketing consulting company Aptitude59 Co. Ltd. founded in 2005.
My theory "Io-universo" is my best result to make the philosophy agree with the logic and gave me a stronger and a clearer view of the universe.
My idea of innovation is: "Innovation is a hoax: We don't need innovation. We need to solve the problems in the best possible manner with or without innovation"
But YES, we need to have very divergent thinking to have real innovative good ideas.

Work and Education:

  • Aptitude59 Co.Ltd · M.D. · Bangkok, Thailand · May 2005 to present

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