Male Michael

Bangkok, Thailand



Language: English

hi nice to meet you to meet you nice,if you would like a good laugh as were going around,you then will enjoy my way of adventure,as i want you to also,we can discuss when we meet all the topics that are of interest to to you,i was born in chelsea london,and played for them to,i spent many years in brighton,i no most of the uk,incluing ireland,school in dublin,oxford,london,and brighton,you tell me what and were you want to do,and mickey will fix it,in business i was an antique dealer,a shop in brighton,so i traveled all over england attending sales auctions,so i have more than likely have been to your home town,if i heard your accent i could probably tell you were your from,so that can be your 1st test on me,if im wrong call it a draw,ok,look forward to meeting you all very soon,best wishes,mickey.

Work and Education:

  • Oxford High School
  • Oxford Royale Academy

Offering Activities

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