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► About Me
Hello All Traveler or Backpacker, My name is Jane I am a joyful person and lit crazy but believe me I am crazy in the good way :) . Contact me to make the difference and your trip will never be the same

► My Hobbies
- Reading a book , photograph , coffee , learning new language, cooking etc

► My best travel experience
-My last trip since January 2016 I went to Koh Chang by bus it took me one day arriving there , but worth it on the trip I met interesting backpacker from Nice, France. I found him really inspiration person who that fall in love with travel and his music ( he said can't live without music I couldn't agree more ) and the place that I stay I could say its lonely beach, last beach of the Island but so perfect .......... click to read more no you can't.... you can ask me later how was my trip :)

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