Female Nikki

Bangkok, Thailand



Language: English, ภาษาไทย, Español

Being an architecture graduate I am passionate about A LOT of things such as cultures, arts, psychology, architecture, sciences, literature and ideaology. I enjoy learning the differences because it broadens my perspectives and opens my heart. I love meeting new people because I am excited to learn about your unique story.

My kind of activities:
Roaming, jogging and exploring details of the city
Eating and cooking yummy food
Chilling with a cup of coffee (or drink) and observing people
Scuba diving, Sailing, Boxing, maraton
Meet up with friends
Indulging and creating arts and artesans
Going to festivals and town events

Place I have visited and lived*:
Bali, Laos, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Korea, Japan, Singapore*
Russia, Czech, Croatia, Slovenia
France, Germany, Italy, UK, Portugal, Denmark, Turkey, Austria, Switzerland, Spain*
USA, New Zealand*, South Africa

Offering Activities

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