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► About Me
I love culture and nature life style, eat cheap with the premium quality.
► My Hobbies
- Beach (I love tanning )

► My best travel experience
- Pattaya , Phuket , bangkok
Kebub in Pattaya is the most dilicious kebab ever , It cost about 3 dollors but the tastes is more than I can describe. If you would like to eat the original great Thaifood , you should go dumnen saduak water market and Kaosan road . Kaosand road at the night time and day time are all crowded with drinks and foods. The significant dishes which you couldn't barely find are here and many more .
The chilling romantic view of Chao phaya river at night is the most wonderful elegant feeling , We can have buffet at night and feel the breeze from the town, You can see the Grand palace at night or wat a run which are the big spot highlight about Thailand.

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