Female Peeraya

Bangkok, Thailand



Language: ภาษาไทย, English

► About Me
-Hi! I'm Raya, currently studying politics and international relations in Thammasat University, Bangkok. I would describe myself as easy-going, confident, friendly, energetic, travel lover, happy, patient, food lover, adventure lover. Looking forward to seeing you guys!!!

► My Hobbies
- travelling, watching movies, eating out, drinking sometimes, night out, cooking, taking photos, getting feet massage

► My best travel experience
-travelling in my own country on the island in the Gulf of Thailand sea " Koh Tao', a very calm and same time so good place for nightlife. My best experience was riding motorbike around the island where the streets were very rough and hilly. very exciting experience! plus there are a lot of monkeys! Love them!

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