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Bangkok, Thailand



Language: English

► About Me
Nice to meet you.

My name is Dao. I'm 25 years old. My job is sales.
My job meet many people. I'm enjoy when I talk with people about experience, activities.

And I'm very happy when I know about new thing, new place, new trip. I really need to share my experience with who interest it.

I need to show someone about Thai culture, Thai people.

I can pick you up for travel in Bangkok or Countryside near Bangkok with my car.

I can communicate with beginner skill english language and I can practice my english language with you.

Are you ready? I need to pick you up to travel around Bangkok
► My Hobbies
- travel

► Favorite Quotes

► My best travel experience
- Phuket , huahin ,

Offering Activities


With me together

Price: US$40

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