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Hey there, call me Vinć, I'm 26 this year; and like all other years I want to fill my life with great memories to look back at. I believe there are awesome people out there with variety of exciting interests and some time to spare. If you are also looking to fill your path with days to remember about; it would be my pleasure to accompany you along the way

I like most things in life. Especially the little things. I like finding new passions and exploring the unknowns

Life is full of possibilities I believe and if I can I want to live on the edges of the rules to get the most out of i I want to live on the edges of the rules to get the most out of it.

The things I personally love are

1 watching movies
2 food
3 wakeboarding
4 gaming
5 helping others

I like humans and feelings. It is why in my post I mentioned that I don't mind sitting quietly reading a book over dinner or other things like sitting by a pool listening to the wind because even silence is a type of interaction and every communications have meaning

I could go on and on, so let's stop here.

If you have interests or plans you want to fulfill, give me a call, ill be hearing from you


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