Female Nithi



Language: English, ภาษาไทย, Español, Deutsch

► About Me
-I spent 2 years in Europe for an international master program with 27 nationalities classmates. Intercultural is what I'm interested and love to learn and see new people. I'm an easy going, know where to eat and what to drink and funny!

► My Hobbies
-I do sport so I could be very patience with the heat and traffic here ha ha. I generally hangout with lots of friends and we talk and share whatever we feel like together.

► Favorite Quotes
-Come on! don't think about the money and schedule, Bangkok is f up. We just have to get some fun and enjoy it.

► My best travel experience
-A road trip all over Spain. A week in Istanbul (Why so long?). Another week only in Venice without money...holly s*! (I counted the day wrong). A month in Amsterdam. A crazy bargaining 4 days in Cambodia. Almost modest trip but not in Thailand, many of them. Beer and hangover and drunk train in Germany. A tour guild for my internal-classmates around Bangkok. Cheap with free walking tour in Budapest but lots of rain. And another trip with you!

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