Female Alin

Bangkok, Thailand



Language: English

► About Me
-Hello , I am Alin my nickname is Bee.I am a nice ladyboy I have lived and worked in Bangkok.I am a designer, working in a company. I am open mind , love to learn the new things of the world. I have experiance oversea in the big city of the world , France England Italy Korea Hongkong and China .I met many new thing and they inspired my life to go on. Specialy I love to speak English I have tried to improve when i have a chance. I think this job I will enjoy to be a person who suggest the traveling trip to new friends. I will available on weekend .
► My Hobbies
- Listening music, Reading about Fashion, Watching movie ,Learning Thai massage .

► Favorite Quotes

► My best travel experience
- I love to travel to the beach in Thailand .I went to Lipe Island where is in the Stun province south of thailand . It was my wonderful time of my life , i love there so much .

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