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► About Me
- Hey guys! my name's Miw, I'm 21 and I'm study full time in the university my majoring is Humanities with English for business communication.
I love to travel and hang out with my friends we always have a fun time together. I am open-minded and funny. I pleased to know the people from other countries.
I had a lot of fun experience about my trip, I hope we can share and enjoy our Bangkok trip together.
You can offer to me about your special type of travel and I will support your offered.
I'm pretty sure we will have a great time together. See ya.😎

► My Hobbies
- surf the internet
- traveling
- cooking
- nightlife
- listening to music

► Favorite Quotes
- Good times become good memories; Bad times become good lessons.

► My best travel experience
- everywhere with my friends.

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