Female Kanokporn

Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand



Language: ภาษาไทย, English

► About Me
My name is Tam.I'm a 3rd year medical student.I'm very kind.I want to know foreign friend.I like to speak english although my english is not good. haha

► My Hobbies
- listen music : I love One direction,Taylor Swift,Maroon5,Ed Sheeran,..more
-watch soundtrack movie : Soundtrack movie make me feel deeper emotion and improve my english
-traveller: I have been to go to Japan with my family by my plan.It's so excited and make me grow up.
-backpacker : I like to go to another places I haven't been to with my friends.

► Favorite Quotes
-Take everyday like it's the last day.

► My best travel experience
-Go to Japan for 12 days with my plan and I can reach every places I wanna go.Specially my family always smile until the end.

Offering Activities

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