Female Niki

Bangkok, Thailand




"The spot in my chest reserved for you.."

Things about me:

- I don't like drinking. I can enjoy party without alcohol
- I enjoy partying and clubbing if with bunch of friends
- I like to dance but not with strangers. Well no touching.
- I'm scared of flying bird >.<
- I'm a chill person. I's too much sometimes -_-"
- I love karaoke and live concert
- I accepted my bad habit. I listen to people who really know me.
- I hate gossip, drama and jealousy.
- I don't care when people got a wrong idea about me because they just don't know me.
- I don't like faking and dislike hater
- I like to keep things in mind and find solution about it by myself
- I won't explain if people already judged something about me. I'll just let it go.

Peace !

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