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► About Yourself
As you can see, My name's Boattie. I'm a little and cheerful girl. >_<
I like to travel, eat, and learn in multicultural. I've ever been in USA, Hong Kong, Macao, and South Korea.

Right now, I often spend time for reading books and learning coz' I'm a student of Master Degree.

► Favorite
1. Sport >> Dancing, Volleyball, Badminton, Skating I don't like sport that have to run a lot. It's mean I don't like running also. ><
2. Food >> I love to eat all kind of foods and I also like to drink. I'm not even love to eat but also love to cook and I'm sure I'm a good chef. lmao
3. Country >> I like the difference sight to see. My dream is able to travel around the world if I have enough money lol.
4. Booking >> Almost cartoon books, rather a girl in imagine world
5. Music >> I like almost type of music eg. R&B, HipHop/Rap, Pop, Club Dance, Electronic Dance, Classic, Jazz, Rock absolutely, Don't miss K-POP

I love Pitbull, Enrique, Florida, Maroon5, The Script, Nicky (Spanish singer), Lawson and etc.
6. Activity >> Hang out with friends and grab some drinks / Travelling / Movie / Music / Driving / Cooking / Thai Boxing

► Quote of Yourself
Every days is always a big smile

► Your best travel experience
I've been to USA (NC - For 3.5 months, VA, NY, LA), Seoul-South Korea, Hong Kong, Macao, and South Korea.
I'm gonna go to Europe this end of year. Yeah!!!
Waiting me France, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Italy. ^___^

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