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-Hi you can call me Note. I'm a student in Bangkok, Thailand. I want to treat travelers as they feel their country because I'm a traveler too so I know well what travelers need. We will serve you as our best friend. You can learn things together with us, learn thai culture, food and lifestyle, learn how to be as a local people. We will bring you to eat traditional food as a local at a famous food, is not expensive and very yummy as well. We will bring you to why Thailand is a kitchen of the world. We will bring you unvaluable time in Bangkok. Let's explore Bangkok together

► Favorite
- My favorite sport is volleyball.
- Thai , Japaneses and European food.
- I love to travel around the world and would like to visit every country.
- shopping, eating, traveling, learning, visiting.
- Cartoon, love, novel, food, fashion, cosmetic book.

► I am what I am if you would know what I am, we just make a friend, we will be happy and enjoy together.

► My best travel experience is when I was in US. Journey with american friends and many nationallity friends is so awesome and precious time.

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Guide you in Bangkok

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