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► About Yourself
-Hi, I like wandering around Bangkok, especially the local places here. I'm an out-going person. So every weekend I always find something to do or visit places. I enjoy local foods and path side restaurants (let me know whether you like it too or not, so I can guide you to a better one if you don't).

► Favorite
- Sport : I run half-marathon (you can ask me for marathon program in Bangkok as well)
- food: Local foods, can be any.
- Country: I like every place I visit. It gives me a good memory to be recognized
- Activity: I sew the leather bag, if you interested in sourcing material for doing this just contact me.
- booking: Goodluck

► Quote of Yourself
-Life is worth living for :)

► Your best travel experience
- Once I decided to travel alone to the south of Thailand. I can say it is the best ever!

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