Female Jeans

Bangkok, Thailand



Language: English, 한국어

Hi, I am Jeans

I was born in Thailand and love to meet people. I would like to serve you about unseen travel around Bangkok.

If you think that you need to discover Bangkok and really need to see what people are , just let me know.
I dont have a travel plan yet. My plan will follow what is your really wanna see in Bangkok, then I will set a plan that fit with your demand.

I will show you about how Bangkok are.
See ya in Bangkok guys! :)

Education Background :
BA. Micro biology
MA. Economic

Work experience :
Now I am working as secretary with the advertisment company
3 years at New Zealand Embassy (Bangkok branch)
Secretary, Research assistant, Volunteer, Freelance, Tutor etc.

Offering Activities


Unseen Rattanakorsin

Price: US$30


Bike Tour

Price: US$35

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