Female Angie

Bangkok, Thailand



Language: English

I have been preparing itineraries and had guided tourists/friends who had visited Thailand. They were so happy with their visit as their time has been maximized as I had given them complete instructions on how to go around if I was not able to accompany them. I can do the same with you. Just tell me what you want and I will assist you in whatever way I can to make your travel a memorable one. On the other hand, I can buy tickets for some tourist places at a low price.

Please take note, I am working on weekdays so then I can be available only after work at 6 p.m. and weekends. If you are interested for my services, kindly indicate the following

1)your schedule of visit;
2)what do you want to see and experience;
3)where do you want to go;
4) Which place in Bangkok are you staying;
5) Other information.

I would be glad to hear from you and be your companion as you explore Bangkok.


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