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Sightseeing&Vegetarian Food

Providing Bangkok's landmarks sight seeing and Introducing wide range of vegetarian restaurants around the area

Map-pin-grey Bangkok, Thailand

About Activity


Enjoy Landmark Sightseeing in the Palace area with Fine Vegetarian lunch.

Temple of Dawn (Wat Arun) : Beautiful Thai Monumental Buddhist temple where we can go up the Prang (spire) to see the overall view of Bangkok.

Wat Pho (Wat Po): Known as the first public university of Bangkok with the stone inscription of various kinds of knowledge。Here lies the Giant reclining Buddha as well.

Temple of the Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaew): Located inside the Royal Palace (Outer area of the Palace). Pay homage to the Emerald Buddha. Take a look at Wall painting about Ramakien (Thai Ramayana). Take a photo around the outer area of the Palace.

Late Lunch: Fine vegetarian fusion food at “MANGO”, Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurant and Art Gallery. The place is located near Khaosan Road where you can take a tour after lunch.

*Please be kindly reminded that Dress code for those temples is strictly followed. "Men must wear long pants and sleeved shirts and shoes; women must wear long skirts. Visitors who arrive dressed otherwise may rent appropriate clothing items at the entry area of the temple. It is compulsory to remove the shoes before entering the temple, as a sign of respect of the Buddha, as is the practice in all other temples in Thailand. While offering prayers before the Buddha image, the sitting posture should avoid any offensive stretching of feet towards the deity; the feet should be tucked in towards the back." [*credit: Wikipedia]

9.30 AM: Meet at BTS Saphan taksin Station
9.45 AM: Take a boat to Temple of Dawn
10.05 AM: Sightseeing at Temple of Dawn
10.50 AM: Off to Wat Pho by boat
11.15 AM: Sightseeing at Wat Pho
12.30 PM : Off to Temple of the Emerald Temple on foot*
12.40 PM: Sightseeing at Temple of the Emerald Temple and the outer Palace
01.40 PM: Off to the restaurant on foot* (pass Sanam Luang, the open field and public square, Thammasart University and National Museum.)
02.00 PM: Have late lunch at ''Mango''

*Optional: Going on foot provides the street side view. Or you may choose the transportation like Tuk-Tuk or taxi.

**Duration for each place is flexible. I will stay with you until the lunch ends.

Monday - Friday
9AM - 3PM

Meeting Point:
BTS Saphan Taksin

Price Includes:
Host's transportation fees & Hand-made Trip Booklet for everyone.

Price Doesn't Include:
Tourists' Transportation fees, Entrance fees and Food


: US$20 / Person
: Bangkok, Thailand
: 4 h 30 min.

Ask to Kookig

About LocalHost

Greeting, everyone!

I'm Kookig. (You can call me Cookie) I am a language freelancer tutor, both Thai and English.
I studied thai literature. I like temples. I've been vegetarian for more than 12 years.

In my free time, I like to do the handicraft, read, write, learn languages, ride a bike and sing. My genres of books are novel, literature, mysterious, religions, how-to, history and house decoration etc.
For music, I like J-pop, C-pop, K-pop, the Beatles, Coldplay, Travis, Alternative pop & Rock.
I like reading manga and watching anime as well.

As a host, I am glad we are going to know each other. Besides the trip, I can take care of you for the emergency during your stay. Please feel free to contact or ask me anything even you are vegetarian or not. I'm open to any questions about staying in Bangkok or going the city nearby.

PS. I can speak a very little chinese, korean, french and japanese...... very little :)

Looking forward to knowing you. :)

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