Make your trip to be the unforgettable journey  1

Make your trip to be the unforgettable journey

There are many amazing places in Thailand , You can choose to go in the cheaper trip with me or go for the upper class. You are able to chilling iand drinking

Map-pin-grey Bangkok, Thailand

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We can go to see the nature view in Thailand ,You are able to choose the cheaper price in the good quality or have a upper class trip such as drinking or chilling on the roof top. You can see the beautifyl view of bangkok in the elegant feeling. You should take your passport and nesseries stuffs.

If you would like to travel the true nature ofThailand , It gonna take at least 3 hours or go out of town for 2 night 3 days. The first day we go to eat the great sea food and visit the history Thai warship and the next day you can go to the chilling Island which is not far away from your hotel. On the 3 rd day , we can bring you to Pattaya another the famous beach . I have a convenian van avialable for 2 -15 people. You the long trip I'm willing to discount the prize for you guys.

Mon - Saturday , 9:30 - dinner time

Meeting Point:

Price Includes:
Baht 600 - 1000 for a day

Price Doesn't Include:
shopping sutffs , foods , hotel (can help to discount) , fuel (in case use the van) , transportations, etc


: US$15 / Person
: Bangkok, Thailand
: 4 h 30 min.

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► About Me
I love culture and nature life style, eat cheap with the premium quality.
► My Hobbies
- Beach (I love tanning )

► My best travel experience
- Pattaya , Phuket , bangkok
Kebub in Pattaya is the most dilicious kebab ever , It cost about 3 dollors but the tastes is more than I can describe. If you would like to eat the original great Thaifood , you should go dumnen saduak water market and Kaosan road . Kaosand road at the night time and day time are all crowded with drinks and foods. The significant dishes which you couldn't barely find are here and many more .
The chilling romantic view of Chao phaya river at night is the most wonderful elegant feeling , We can have buffet at night and feel the breeze from the town, You can see the Grand palace at night or wat a run which are the big spot highlight about Thailand.

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