Heading out by train 1

Heading out by train

Escape from city life and get some fresh air! Thai's train is the worst and the best train at the same time!

Map-pin-grey Bangkok, Thailand

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I will visit attraction in the province near Bangkok in order to make it to be a one-day trip because I'm only available on Sunday, having a short time and I really want to take a break, get some fresh air, and visit new place every Sunday ( It's one of my wishlist lol ). I 'm personally love nature, so, my trip would count natural attraction, local market, and must-see attraction of the city in the trip!

I have not decided which place I would like to go and I would be happy if my travel buddies want to share their plan or the place they want to go.
Q:How to go?
A:We will travel by train, starting from Hua lampong train station at the morning(6-7AM), when we arrived the place by train then we follow our program and when we finished, we going back by train like when we heading out:)

Every Sunday, anywhere(near Bangkok) and anytime !

Meeting Point:
Hua Lampong train station, landmark of Bangkok!

Price Includes:
Please send me a mail for details ( no hidden agenda, feel free to talk with me)

Price Doesn't Include:
This absolutely sounds funny, but it doesn't include friendship, experience, laugh, any good or bad thing we will found along the trip


: US$10 / Person
: Bangkok, Thailand
: 5 hours

Ask to Mai


About LocalHost

22 years old (should be a woman, but I'm still think like a girl)

Recently graduated from Silpakorn university, Bechelor of Archaeology, English major, Hindi minor

No-job human, looking for inspiration and the meaning of life by travelling

Always in comfort zone and this Sunday will be my first journey( If no one come with me, oh yes , I would definitely go alone!)

Now, studing logistics course on Monday-Saturday

That's all ! Hooray ! Yippie! Nice to meet you, stranger!

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