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North I-San Life Style (Udonthani-Nongkhai)

Udonthani is one of the four major cities of Isan region Thailand and Nongkhai close with Udonthani. The both of province have many famous place so...

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-The hamlet of Ban Chiang where the world's first Bronze Age civilization is believed to have flourished more than 5,000 years ago.
-Sala Kaeo Ku or Wat Khaek, this place which looks like an open museum of religious statues was created with an inspiration of Luangpu Bunluea Surirat who built it around 1978, out of his own belief that the teachings of all regions could be mixed together. Therefore, there are various forms of Buddha images include Hindu gods, Christian religious icons, as well as character figures from the Ramayana epic and folk tales.
-Survey Indochina Market and walk along Khong riverside

9.00 am - 11.30 am. : Ban Chiang
12.00 am - 1.30 pm : Launch Time (We will have launch at Nongkhai for Vietnamese food that famous if you come here you must try it!. Also the restaurant beside the Khong river, that good view and feel chill)
1.30 pm - 3 pm : Sala Kaeo Ku or Wat Khaek
3.00 pm - 5 pm : Indochina Market and walk along Khong riverside


Meeting Point:
Udonthani Airport or UD Town

Price Includes:
Transport (Fix cost) + Ticket (Available cost up to number of person) : Maximum 4-5 people per trip

Price Doesn't Include:
Food and Pretty Cash


: US$75 / Person
: Bangkok, Thailand
: 8 hours

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About LocalHost

I grew up in Udon Thani I know my city and neighboring provinces as well. Also at home, I was a small guest house located in Udon Thani (Surada Guesthouse) so that made ​​me familiar with the language and the mind of the traveler.

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