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Feeling heavy?

Feeling fat lately ? I know exactly what you should do...

Map-pin-grey Bangkok, Thailand

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I know I know... There are so much food and so many places to eat at here in Bangkok and I also know that right now you are lookin at ur belly n thinking sh*t I need to do something about it... Well don't you worry... I know exactly what you should do.

I'll take you with me to Muay Thai classes and fight like a real man and I promise you'll lose all those weights you have gained since you've arrived here ;p and for ladies.... If you think this stuff too hardcore for you, I can take you to this awesome yoga class located at the heart of the city and have fun with me and my girls there :)))

It's flexible we'll talk about it later

Meeting Point:
Sathorn for Muay Thai and Thonglor for yoga

Price Includes:
Motorbike & taxi

Price Doesn't Include:
Price of the courses


: US$40 / Person
: Bangkok, Thailand
: 2 hours

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About LocalHost

Hmmm don't really know what to say here... Well my name is Ritta and I live here in Bangkok. I love love love eating and hit the gym every now and then. What else... I like going to the cinema and watch something fun and eat popcorn....... Surprisee. I also like EDM and goin to these concerts of my favourite djs and jump like a mad woman.

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