Explore Little India, Sampeng Lane and China Town!! 1

Explore Little India, Sampeng Lane and China Town!!

One of the busiest districts in Bangkok. Textile market. Wholesale market. Various types of tasty cuisine. All in one place, so why not?

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We've all heard about how awesome Chinatown is. But this time I will help you exploring a little bit further into the surrounding neighborhoods of Pahurat (Little India) and Sampeng Lane (or the Wholesale Market).

We will start at Pahurat, or Little India, which is well-known for its gigantic collection of textile shops and handicraft supplies stores. It is one of the oldest community in Bangkok, in which most of the shops have been in business for many generations.

Then we will walk to Sampeng Lane, the largest wholesale market in Bangkok, where you could find anything from 100 different types of plastic bags to 100 different types of earrings and bags and souvenirs and many many more! (Note that everything here is at least 30% cheaper from everywhere else in town) Even for those who claim to be a non-shopaholic individual, this place is worth a visit at least once. It's a very interesting place with too many things to buy for anyone's good.

Then we will spend the last segment of the trip in Chinatown, where you will do nothing but eat like there's no tomorrow. From wanton noodles to fried horfun (flat rice noodle) with chicken, oyster omelette, a peppery pig's organ soup, shark fin soup, and edible bird's nest, Chinatown has just about anything you'd love to try for at least once in a lifetime. All the fun.

So of course you might need a good pair of walking shoes, a heart of an explorer and a huge smile (to throw in when bargaining for that gorgeous handbag you love so much).

Probably meet around 1pm and we'll see from that point. This tour should take about 2-3 hours, so basically we can walk around for about an hour at each of the places we go.

I'm free on weekdays everyday til the end of August. From September onward I'll be free only for the weekends.

Meeting Point:
Meet at MRT Hua Lam Phong stn. or BTS Payathai stn.

Price Includes:

Price Doesn't Include:
All the stuffs you are going to buy, and all the food you are going to eat.


: US$10 / Person
: Bangkok, Thailand
: 3 hours

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I usually play tourist around Bangkok on weekends just for fun. Of course, I still know so little about this town I've been living in for so many years. It would be nice to meet up with new people and discover this town together once in a while.

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