Eat the first Padthai groggery in Bangkok 1
Eat the first Padthai groggery in Bangkok 2
Eat the first Padthai groggery in Bangkok 3

Eat the first Padthai groggery in Bangkok

Map-pin-grey Bangkok, Thailand

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Did you ever try Padthai before? This is one of Thaifood that you have to try when come to Thailand. I know that padthai have around Bangkok. This groggery is the first padthai groggery in Bangkok. It name "lung pa". The lung pa decorate with old picture of bangkok, it like you can see and feel the old time. You will get the taste of padthai that like no other. This near many temple so you can walk to another interesting place.

******time table******
- Available on Friday.
- Should go around 4 - 5 pm.

*****my condition*****
- Your payment with meetrip does not include food, drink, shopping, travelling, ticket cost.


: US$15 / Person
: Bangkok, Thailand
: 1 hour

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About LocalHost

Hi,My name is Yui(Yu-i)
I love traveling, eating and speaking English.

Welcome to Thailand...I hope you will enjoy with trips in my country where has many of beautiful and interesting places.

I have a lot of my favorite and want to recommend the interesting places where I know them well and bring the special thing for you.

Eventhough,I was born in Bangkok but I still not travel to all places because there are full of good places so I promise to seek and learn new places for you.

I will guide you the best, we will be a good friend, learning with each other in language, culture and get the new experience.

Looking Forward to your trip na ka...^U^

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