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Siriraj museum learn the Body of you

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This is the museum that show history of medical in Thailand. You will walk through 9 room that give you knowledge and experience. The body or equipment that in museum is real. If you afraid , you should try LOL. In Siriraj has many museum but this trip I show you Siriraj Phimukhsthan Museum. The newest museum of Siriraj. You can go by Chaophraya express boat.

******time table******
- Available on Thursday.
- Should go around 1 - 3 pm.

*****my condition*****
- Your payment with meetrip does not include food, drink, shopping, travelling, ticket cost.


: US$15 / Person
: Bangkok, Thailand
: 2 hours

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Hi,My name is Yui(Yu-i)
I love traveling, eating and speaking English.

Welcome to Thailand...I hope you will enjoy with trips in my country where has many of beautiful and interesting places.

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