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Cultural Tour with Friend style!

Map-pin-grey Bangkok, Thailand

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The trip starts at 9am. The first place to visit is The City Pillar Shine. Then, we are going to The Grand Palace. You have to buy a ticket on your own, costing 500 baht per person. The Grand Palace includes the temple of the Emeral Buddha insides. After finishing visiting The Grand Palace, we are going to Temple of the Reclining Buddha. You also have to buy a ticket, costing 100 baht, here. This place is famous for Thai massage. When we finish touring here, we are going next to Wat Ratchanatdaram Woravihara, free entrance. There is a museum, called Nitasrattanakosin, locating near Wat Ratchanatdaram Wpravihara. The museam exhibits the story about Thai culture, which I highly recommend if you are interested in Thai culture. It is one of the biggest museum in Thailand and you have to pay for a ticket for 100 baht.

The price for this tour excludes ......
Ticket for Grand Palace 500 Baht
Ticket for Temple of the Reclining Buddha 100 Baht
(Ticket for Nitasrattanakosin 100 Baht )

9.00-9.30 am. City Pillar Shrine
9.30-11.00 am. Grand Palace
11.00-12.00 am. Temple of the Reclining Buddha
12.00-12.45 am. lunch
12.45-13.45 am. Wat Ratchanatdaram
13.45 onwards Nitasratanakosin (optional)

PS. This schedule is tentative, possibly changed due to your pleasure or other factors.


: US$11 / Person
: Bangkok, Thailand
: 4 hours

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