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Wat Saket and Golden Mount

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Wat Saket. Located along the canal Mahanak Pom Prap Sattru Phai District The temple is a master class Jed Type Built in the Ayutthaya. The king Rama I restored the reign of the first new ones. And King called "Wat Saket"

The Royal Banphot. Which is commonly referred to as "Gold Mountain" that started in the reign of the third by simulation from the pagoda of Temple Mountain in Ayutthaya. The Royal Banphot Mountain has an elevation of about 100 meters on the Suwanbanpot Pagoda, which houses the relics. Was brought from the town of Kapilavastu. India Banphot Royal Mountain is one of the major tourist attractions.

The recommend from me
- The worshipers Gilded Buddha relics in What should be done when this came up on the Mountain. The refit will be deemed to have worship on the enshrining address.
- Inside the temple are recommended to visit. Buddha is enshrined concentration camp This is the gilded statue big concentration camp. Along with the Buddhist aesthetic appearance, one in Bangkok. Told that mold covering the principal body of the temple, which is too small not suitable for the immensity of the temple.

******time table******
- Available on Friday.
- Should go around 6 - 8 pm.

*****my condition*****
- Your payment with meetrip does not include food, drink, shopping, travelling, ticket cost.


: US$30 / Person
: Bangkok, Thailand
: 2 hours

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