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Siam Paragon Tour!

Map-pin-grey Bangkok, Thailand

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I like to see the city at night , its best foods and also yhe night life..:) whats best in thailand ..:)


: US$10 / Person
: Bangkok, Thailand
: 2 hours

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There is nothing more beautiful than watching the rain, as it flood cities, as ripples continuously cries on pavements, as drops of water paint the rooftops in gray and as the sky speak of uncertainties.

As mind weave its insanity, as I give up my freedom for eternal vanishing, as rain obscure realities, as laughs of street children become muted by drops of rain. As rain clogs highways. As rain allows only those who are brave enough to face it.

Rain is crazy, rain is love, rain is uncertainties, rain is as of the moment, rain is coldness, rain is lonely, rain is laughter, rain is a blessing and a curse.

Rain wont be here forever, neither everyday, rain will come, you will hear it cry, whisper words of love or deceit.

If you are looking for LOVE, Then I am the wrong person, because I am so much more than that.

If you are looking for HAPPINESS, Then I am the wrong person, because I know Sorrow very well, Sorrow makes the rain bittersweet and dawn full of uncertainties.

If you are looking for SATISFACTION, I am the wrong person, for hunger in truth lays craving on my lap, while thirst runs up and down my head.

If you are looking for TRUTH, Then I am the wrong person, for I am nothing but deceit.

If you are looking for SUNSHINE, then I am the wrong person for I only celebrate Life when it is raining.

If you are looking for LIGHT as you are lost in the DarkNess of your existence, then I am the wrong person, for I am full of shadows.

If you are Looking for the RIGHT person, then I am the total OppOsite, for I am nothing but WRonG in your lIfe.

If You are Waiting for the FALLING STAR to grant your wishes, then its not me, because I am eclipse who reduces certainties in your life into doubts.

If you think ROSES are beautiful, I think Thorns are a lot more beautiful.

If you doNt want to be HURT then stay away from me, for I am great with deception and masks.

But If you are looKing for FREEDOM, you can come with me, but do not expect it to last, just like the Rain, its noise, the cold, the ripples, it doesnt lasts too long- but its crazy isnt it. Also you will be lost- expect that. For I am nothing interesting, just a plain mystery.

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