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Tour of Thailand dinner & videos

Map-pin-grey Bangkok, Thailand

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Thai meal at my apartment, cooked by my Thai girlfriend. Video show of my trips around Thailand and tips on where to go; what to see; how to behave; what to say and more importantly what NOT to do and how to stay out of trouble while you're here. A chance to have a live interaction with an American who loves Thailand and his Thai girlfriend (and maybe a few of their Thai friends who live nearby) - and best of all ASK QUESTIONS. I'll talk with you about the differences in plumbing (toilet and shower) that you'll experience here. I'll show you how to work the a/c units for your hotel rooms. If you're REALLY nice, I'll set you up with some of my Thai friends to help you shop or help you get good deals on lodging for your travels.


: US$20 / Person
: Bangkok, Thailand
: 4 hours

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About LocalHost

I'm 54 and semi-retired, I work part-time in Bangkok.

I've lived in Bangkok for a year and studied Thai language for 6 months - which means I barely hold a conversation by myself. I have a Thai girlfriend I live with and she speaks American English a little better than I speak Thai. Our prices (we come as a team) are negotiable (as are most things in Thailand) and not per/person but rather for your group.

If you would like to discover Thailand and would like someone to help you smooth out the language or problems for you, or you would just like an 'insider' perspective on what to see, feel free to write me... I'm happy to give advice on what to see and do and I love sharing about Thailand.

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