Khaosan Road - major nightlife district of Bangkok. 1
Khaosan Road - major nightlife district of Bangkok. 2

Khaosan Road - major nightlife district of Bangkok.

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From the Khaosan Road, a historic reign. Since King No. 6 it is place for selling rice. There was rice trade and the largest metropolitan area. The amount of rice to be transported from the royal granary rice. Chang Mill Bridge. Forded the canal or tube along the canal is also present along the river to the port Banglumpoo.

Rice to sell to people in this community. Living in this area, now it is still selling charcoal to cook rice, groceries next to one road that connects the canal from the river. There are many so-called trade rice Rice Lane. (For small), later changed to Khao San Road. After it became a community. And widening further. Later began to have more shops. Such as a spinning top toy boat noodle shop.

Khao San Road, a road was built in the year 2435 the reign of King Rama V. The Public Works Department is respectfully lane road to rice. From the road win. (Which is known as the battle) cut east along Khao San road and the bridge over the canal meets the road Eeagncr Royal Building the front. Road as it was given the name the "downtown".

Well-being of this community began to change. When tourists come in the year 2525, the year of the 200th anniversary celebrations in Bangkok came to rent a room to visit the capital of Thailand during this important festival. I came back and started a Hollywood film. The team came to the set a lot of the lease rental Guest House, which was then still on. I need to rent a house in the neighborhood where the median rent. Is the origin of the Guest House. Guesthouse of Foreigners Act has existed since the 2528-2529 period have people coming into the center of the back pack to come. It is the most famous. Prior to the change again in the last few years, become a major nightlife district of Bangkok.

Songkran on Khao San Road Khao San Road is a popular street to play in Monday's stranded foreign tourists from all over the world. Songkran on Khao San Road started playing around 2533, due to the Khao San Road, a temporary residence. Also known as the Guest House. The traditions of Thailand's Songkran water play my foreign tourists who come to stay in Khao San Road is very Big area of playing Songkran on Khao San Road in the early days. But it is just plain water with a splash only

But this festival was celebrated during the year 2542-2543 by the addition of a water splash play normally. It also has all the activities. With stage performances. With the support of sponsors. Of the first players to play against each other to prepare the batter. And the water provided by the various players.


: US$10 / Person
: Bangkok, Thailand
: 2 hours

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